Friday, 11 November 2016

Second Bull Run - the Complete Battle - Status Report #1

August 29, 1862.......

Roger and I have decided to play the entire battle of 2nd Bull Run. We're playing August Fury II, from the Three Battles of Manassas game, which is part of the Civil War Brigade Series (CWBS) from The Gamers.

It's NOON on the 2nd day of the battle.  Here is the situation (Each number corresponds to a number on the map): 

1. About mid-morning, Lee and Longstreet arrived with the entire L Wing, intent on joining up with Jackson and his beleaguered J Wing. By noon, they have deployed along Pageland Lane. They await further orders from Lee.

East of their position, Franz Sigel's 1Va Corps has gone on the defensive, after pulling back from an earlier attack that had bent back Jackson's right flank and forced Stuart into an emergency retreat.

Jackon's boys on his right are grateful for the rest. Prior to Sigel's attack, they had been on the attack themselves late on the previous day, near Brawner's Farm - forcing back Hatch's 3Va to south of the Turnpike. Badly cut up, the 3rd Va was withdrawn during the night.

Here's a close up of the situation at '1':

2: Earlier in the day, the pressure had been on Jackson's right wing, but now the left under Hill is on the receiving end, with the successful arrival and activation of the Union 3rd Va, 3rd and 9th Corps. Pope is also on the field (Playing the Union, Roger opted to use the optional rule increasing Pope's command rating from 0 to 1).

Both sides have been dishing out hell now for a couple of hours. The Rebel position along the unfinished railroad is hard pressed, but holding so far, despite the destruction of Field's Brigade. The Confederates have seen off Reynold's bruised 3rd Va - Reynolds himself wounded and Seymour's brigade has routed. The Union has just renewed the attack, with troops under the command of Kearny, Stevens, and Hooker - whose brigade under Grover has been whipped up by Rebel fire into bloodlust (BL).

Here's a close-up of the situation at '2':

As the fighting intensifies, to the south, another Union formation arrives:  Porter's 5th Corps!
Rebel scouts report that it is marching north-west along the Manassas-Gainsville Road. 

An update will follow as our own rendition of this epic battle plays out........

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