Monday, 25 September 2017

Games on the table - update

Woah, it has been QUITE some time since my last blog entry. One may be forgiven for thinking that I had gone on sabbatical and entered a gaming-free zone, but in fact there has been quite a lot of gaming going on, both 2p, multiplayer and solo.

On the multiplayer front, via the local gaming club, I've played a couple of games of Time of Crisis, the new release from GMT. This is described as a hybrid game, blending - for example - a Euro-inspired deck building component with a wargame setting (in this case the chaotic world of Imperial Rome in the 3rd Century AD. This is a most enjoyable game, well received among club members, and I hope to get back to it soon.

With local gaming buddy Brett, we have also been playing Twilight Struggle, Combat Commander Europe and - now - 1989. Brett is a newcomer to these types of games and is really enjoying them.

On the Vassal front, gaming stalwart Roger and I have recently commenced a game of Paths of Glory. Given that we've developed a stable gaming partnership that has been going strong since 2013, or even earlier, it's amazing that it has taken until now for us to finally get a game of PoG happening.

We're now half way through 1915, with me playing the Central Powers. It's shaping up to be an epic struggle, yet already a major departure from the historical script, with the Germans virtually back to their start line in the West and the Austro-Hungarians being forced back almost to Budapest by a horde of Russian armies!

On the solo front, I have just completed a first run-through of my latest acquisition: FAB: Golan '73. This is the 3rd FAB game that I have owned and I really enjoy the system....which, for the first time, takes us far into the post-WWII world, with the traits of modern warfare, including SAMs, jet air support, electronic warfare and lots of mechanisation. Here is how my solo game ended up:

This is viewed from the Israeli (blue) perspective. The Israelis won the game, pushing the Syrians back to regain almost all of the dual VP areas (those with the yellow stars within orange circles). 1VP is also earned for destroying a unit (block) that has at least 3 dots of combat strength. As per the image below, the Israeli's destroyed 4 such Syrian units, earning them an additional 4 VP. Israel won with a 6VP majority.

In retrospect, I didn't push as hard with the Syrians as I should have.....though they were able to occupy Mt Hermon via a para drop, earning 1VP and negatively impacting Israeli artillery ability. 

 I look forward to hopefully playing this one f2f soon.

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