Saturday, 10 February 2018

Wild Blue Yonder: Solo play of a mission from the Rommel Attacks land campaign - 2 TURNS TO TARGET

NB: if this is your first visit to this series of accounts concerning Mission 6, don't read this account now, but scroll down to read the first instalment (3 Turns to Target).
So, it's 'Turn 2', but in mission terms, think of it as '2 turns to target'.

Here is an overview of the situation:

Neither side scored a single hit in the first turn. The hurricanes and the CR42s are at medium altitude, while the remainder of the Axis strike force is below them. The turn gets underway, one element at a time.

#1: The Bf110s. The wingman step is skipped as no enemy aircraft share their altitude. The leader only has 3 cards in his hand, so rather than attempt to engage with the hurricanes, he decides to hold position and bide his time. He draws a card.

#2: Hurricanes.  The wingman decides to attempt an attack against the Italian CR42 wingman and draws his one offensive card. It's a blue response card:  no attack. The leader decides to dive to 'Low' altitude and attempt another attack on the Stukas. Hopefully this time he can do some damage.  Diving, the leader draws an additional card.

Poor Goodman - again, all he has to work with is a 1B burst card. He targets a stuka wingman. There is no intervention attempt by the escorting Italians as the British have not improved their attack position, and decide not to invite a preemptive intervention.

Goodman lets loose another short burst from his cannons....

......and this time, the stuka is unable to avoid his bullets, taking one hit.  (In game terms, the stuka wingman can draw a single defensive card, resulting in a 2B - useless in defence).

Goodman is getting frustrated....every second, the Axis planes are a little nearer to the target zone. He's got to be doing better than this!

#3 CR42s: The wingman step is skipped as there are no targets at his altitude. Logically enough, the Italian leader dives, followed by his wingman, and draws a card. Emboldened by the acceleration of his nimble aircraft, the leader chooses to attack the British wingman.   He plays a 'Maneuver' card. The hurricane wingman draws two defensive cards.

Oh no.....! Neither of them are defence/response cards. Caught unawares, bullets from the CR42s guns tear through the skin of his aircraft, inflicting 2 hits. Notch one up for the Italians!

#4 and #5 Stukas:  Satisfied that their escort is handling the meddlesome hurricanes, the bombers maintain course, altitude and speed.  That's the end of the turn, and there's only one more to go before they reach their target...!

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